Thursday, March 10, 2011

Chef & Artist

I've been preoccupied these last couple months with my rawvegan chef training, and the writing, editing and cover design of my new book: Nut-Free Raw Recipes by Raederle. This recipe book has at least one full-color photograph for every recipe, some have two or three. The directions are straight forward and complete, so that even someone with no experience with rawvegan creations could make the pies, breakfast dishes and truffles within the book.

With so much recipe-creation in the kitchen, so many rawvegan potlucks to stir my creativity, so much study of food... It only made sense to start collaborating my artistic abilities and my culinary passion:

Raederle's Digital Paintings of Fresh Fruits
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To complete my book cover, I wanted to design a new logo. It's been something I've been wanting to do for a while, but just have not had any real push to do so.

The book cover:

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The new logo design was an interesting process. At the end of it, when sorting my files, I realized I had saved the process of my initial logo design as well. I've decided to share that process with you in this video:

The new logo makes its appearance on my health, fitness and food blog's background and top banner, as of last night.

Any thoughts on Raederle Phoenix's new logo? Comment below and tell me about it. Critiques, raving flattering remarks, and fan mail are all welcome.


~ Raederle Phoenix